Almost half of supermarket plastic hard to recycle

Almost half of plastic packaging used by supermarkets cannot be easily recycled, according to a recent study by Which?

Researchers from the consumer organisation examined packaging from a range of popular own-brand supermarket groceries and analysed how many pieces of packaging could be easily recycled.

Should businesses invest in automation or human capital?

Automation can be a tricky subject for businesses.

The question of whether to invest in human capital (workers and training) or in physical capital (automated machines and software) is a difficult choice for many organisations.

There can be no doubt that automation delivers increased efficiency and an enhanced customer experience – both of which can help to bolster a business.

Record recycling rate for paper and cartonboard across Europe

Figures released by the EU last month show that the amount of paper and cartonboard now recycled in Europe has hit a record high.

Across the EU’s 28 member states, the recycling rate for paper and cardboard packaging waste has reached 85.5%; the highest in the study’s history and the largest of all the packaging materials groups analysed.