3 alternative packaging solutions to help maximise your warehouse space

Warehouse space is at a premium according to a recent report commissioned by the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA).

The report, produced in association with leading property consultancy Savills, highlights a critical lack of warehouse space in the UK.

Although this points to an ongoing issue, what can companies do to maximise their warehouse space in the short term?

New report recommends plastic packaging tax

A new study by Imperial College London and waste management company Veolia has recommended introducing a plastic packaging tax.

The report suggests that implementing a tax could help to drive the circular economy by making it more financially and environmentally beneficial for manufacturers to use recycled plastic content.

Almost half of supermarket plastic hard to recycle

Almost half of plastic packaging used by supermarkets cannot be easily recycled, according to a recent study by Which?

Researchers from the consumer organisation examined packaging from a range of popular own-brand supermarket groceries and analysed how many pieces of packaging could be easily recycled.