Global Recycling Day

global recycling day

On Global recycling day Packer are taking a look back at the history of recycling and how the industry has evolved.

Here are our top ten facts on the history of recycling:

  1. Man has been melting and re-melting metal since 700BC
  2. The Chinese have been re-melting metals since 2500BC. Between 50 and 100AD they learned how to make rice paper, used for writing, making handkerchiefs, parasols, clothing and windows and it was often reused.
  3. In 282BC the Colossus of Rhodes was cast partly of recycled bronze. It fell into the harbour following an earthquake but was recovered and recycled by the Turks 900 years later
  4. The hanging Gardens of Babylon were built around 600BC on terraces, the base of which was often covered with sheets of reclaimed lead soldered with tin
  5. The blocks used to build the pyramids of Egypt around 2550BC were cut using chisels, when these became warn they would re-melted and used again
  6. Some of the seven wonders of the world are made partly or entirely from recycled materials
  7. The printing press had the largest impact on the recycling industry as letters were melted down every few days
  8. The statue of liberty is covered with 80 tonnes of partly recycled copper and bronze plating
  9. Geoffrey Chaucer worked in the recycling sector. His job was to manage and keeps accounts of the old metals and rags collected on the order of the King
  10. The first instance of paper recycling dates back to 1031 in Japan

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