Top Ten Benefits of Cardboard Shredders

shredder benefits

Did you know the first paper shredder was invented and patented in 1909 by Abbot Augustus Low from New York? However, it was not until 1935 that the first paper shredder was manufactured. By 1959 the hand crank was replaced by a motor and thus brought about shredders as we know today.

Previously, shredders had one main function, to destroy sensitive information. Whilst this is still the case, through the evolution of shredders we have seen a growth in their use, both personally and in business.

At Packer we wanted to outline the ten main benefits of shredders and how they can effectively aid your business.

  • Less storage

Shredders reduce the amount of overall waste within your business. With the expansion of cardboard shredders there is the ability to remove and compress large quantities of carboard that would otherwise be taking up a large area of space within your business.

  • Increased security

Similar to the original purpose of shredders, they facilitate the protection of personal information and security. With a staggering increase in ecommerce over the past few years there is often confidential information printed directly onto cardboard cartons. Cardboard shredders ensure that this information cannot be misused and protects businesses and clients from any data breaches.

  • Reusable

Cardboard shredders give your company the opportunity to reuse excess packaging as filler for any other packaging without the hassle of having to order in extra padding

  • Money saving

Whilst saving money on buying protective packaging materials, you can also sell this shredding on. Places such as stables use this as insulation for horses and offers the company a way to not only save money, but also make money.

  • Versatile, different shapes and sizes for your business needs

 Shredders can fit in around your business and unlike larger machinery can be moved with a lot more ease. There are a range of shredders that will suit your business needs, whether this is a 3 phase machine for higher output or single phase for small businesses, shredders are perfect for all working environments.

  • Environmentally conscious waste management

Cardboard shredders aid in the amount of waste a business creates, through recycling the materials for matting and void fill. This environmentally conscious approach saves not only company money but works towards the growing demand for a circular economy within business.

  • Save money on recycling

Within business there are of course costs for recycling and waste removal. Through using a cardboard shredder these costs can dramatically drop. Waste collections will become less frequent and as such saves the business money.

  • Different cuts

Carboard shredders offer alternative cuts that you can get from machines such as matting cuts and straight cuts.

  • Space efficient size

The compact size of shredding machines is designed to have minimal floor space impact

  • One-time investment

Cardboard shredders are often referred to as a ‘one-time investment’. These shredders are built to last, within minimal break downs and the ability to help businesses earn back any costs they are a sustainable piece of machinery.

Packer has a wide range of shredders and a friendly team of professionals to advise you on the best machine for your business.