Manual Strapping Machines

  • Cost-effective, mobile solution
  • Easy to use
  • Tools for pallets and cartons
  • Range of options for different strapping variants

Strapping by hand is an economical, easy and mobile way to add security and structure to your cartons and pallets.
This method provides a lower-cost option, priced at less than larger, automated machines, but allowing an operator to strap just as effectively. Lightweight and easy to transport, manual strapping tools can be taken to heavy items or pallets that need strapping – ideal for those short on warehouse space.

The choice of manual strapping tools on offer ranges from adjustable pallet strapping frames, through to friction weld tools, and combination strapping tools.

Our mobile, adjustable pallet strapping frames allow two vertical straps to be easily applied to UK or Euro pallets in less time. With models available for polypropylene and PET strapping, they can be used anywhere.

These can be used in conjunction with friction weld tools, which use heat to seal the strapping together to create a very strong, secure join. Suitable for use with polypropylene and PET strapping, these robust, battery-operated tools have adjustable controls to suit your application.

Or you can tension, seal and cut your steel strapping with a combination tool, which do the job of three tools in one. They also completely eliminate the need for seals – cutting down on costs. These tools are ideal for use with steel strapping, and crimp the strap to create a triple-notch seal for maximum security.