Automatic Strapping Machines

  • Hands-free operation for high volume throughput
  • Increases productivity without increasing labour costs
  • Reliable, easy to operate and maintain
  • Alternative arch sizes available to order

Automatic strapping machines are ideal for the quick and easy strapping of parcels, or for collating bundles in no time. The fully automated process takes the hassle out of strapping, ensuring that the strapping is perfectly tensioned, sealed and cut to your parcel, making these machines ideal for processing high volumes.

Operated by foot pedal or parcel sensor, automatic strapping machines are perfect for volume throughput. They are much faster than strapping by hand with a tensioner and sealer or combi tool, and faster than using semi-automatic strapping machines too.

Dispensing up to 65 straps a minute, our range of automatic strapping machines could improve your productivity significantly. Reliable and easy to operate and maintain, the machines also feature mechanical tension control to automatically tension the strapping to your parcel. This provides a consistent finish, making your parcels look smart and professional.

Strapping also helps to improve the security and stability of your parcels and pallets, giving you additional peace of mind that your goods will arrive at their destination intact.

Each machine is fitted with user-friendly controls, making them easy to operate with no complicated training required. They are easily integrated into packing lines too, helping to make your processes faster and simpler.

These strapping machines can be used with our machine strapping, which is manufactured to machine grade for consistent and reliable use.