Strapping can be used to combine parcels or materials, stabilise pallets and packages, reinforce security, or fasten and hold items in place.

Versatile and cost-effective, using strapping is an easy way to help secure and protect your cartons, parcels and pallets during handling and transit – giving you additional peace of mind that your goods will reach their destination intact.

It’s ideal for use with heavier contents, helping to stabilise boxes carrying more weight. Where materials such as tape may not be strong enough to hold the closed carton together, strapping can provide extra support to boxes and cartons carrying items like tiles – keeping the contents safe and secure.

Strapping can also be less destructive to the outer surfaces of cartons when compared with other materials, too. Closing methods like tape and staples can damage cartons when they’re removed, but strapping can simply be detached with a cutter, leaving nothing behind on the box.

It’s similarly suitable for bundling different items such as wooden posts or postal tubes. The strapping can tension tightly around the objects to hold them together firmly without leaving any marks or damage, and it’s the only packaging required.

We have a range of strapping solutions available for different levels of throughput, varying budgets and requirements.

The range of manual tools on offer provides a cost-effective, mobile strapping solution. These tools are lightweight and easy to transport, perfect for taking to heavy items or pallets that need strapping. We have a selection of tools suitable for different variations of strapping.

Semi-automatic strapping machines allow one operator to automatically tension, seal and cut polypropylene strapping to give a neat and secure fastening on almost any size box. Faster than strapping by hand, these machines present a good option if you are strapping higher volumes.

Faster still are automatic strapping machines. The fully automated process takes the effort out of strapping, ensuring that the strap is perfectly tensioned, sealed and cut to your parcel, making these machines ideal for processing high volumes.

We also stock a full range of strapping for use with all of our tools and machines.

What types of strapping are available?

Polypropylene strapping is widely used throughout industry – it’s easy to work with, economical, and available in a multitude of break strains, colours and sizes to suit a range of applications.

For a higher break strain, consider PET strapping. It’s also user-friendly, has memory, and retains tensile strength by trying to maintain its original shape.

Steel is the strongest strapping available, and is tolerant enough to secure even sharp or hot loads that other types of strapping can’t handle. Jagged, heavy materials like sheets of metal can be secured by steel strapping with no problems.

Supplied ribbon or oscillated wound, our steel strapping has sheared and dressed edges for even safer handling. It’s supplied black painted to protect against rust, and available in a wax coated option to make it even easier to use in tools.