Semi Automatic Shrink Systems

When packaging or wrapping goods it’s important to think not only about presentation, but whether that packaging can protect your products during storage and transit too.

Our semi-automatic shrink systems provide a secure layer of protective wrapping around your products, while still maintaining high-end presentation. Operated using cost-effective shrink film, these systems are particularly suitable if you’re working with large volumes of smaller items, or need to accelerate your wrapping process.

Different semi-automatic shrink systems are available to suit your application and environment, including all-in-one chamber machines, L-sealers with motorised conveyors, and separate L-sealers and shrink tunnels. All provide different levels of throughput, depending on your requirements.

The semi-automatic shrink systems offered by Packer will let you shrink wrap products quickly and easily, while keeping them looking smart and professional. The consistent seal and shrink quality of these systems produces a premium finish, which results in less rejected packaging, and therefore fewer mistakes to rework.

Whereas other types of packaging or wrapping can be very manual and time consuming to use -cutting into your productivity – semi-automatic shrink systems allow for faster shrink wrapping of higher volumes, which means increased output without increased labour costs.

Furthermore, the increased security provided by shrink wrapping helps to keep goods safeguarded and protected from superficial damage. Theft and contamination are prevented by the tamper-proof wrapping too, so you can feel happier knowing that your goods are protected.