Pallet Wrappers

Quick & Easy

Wrap your pallets quickly and easily using a Packer pallet stretch wrapper and stretch film. Stretch film secures pallets by stretching around the load and using that tension to cling to it tightly, in order to bind everything together.

Effective Protection

By stabilising pallets effectively with stretch film, it provides them with protection against superficial damage, and the layers of film also help to prevent contamination, to keep the load clean and in good condition. For complete weather protection, pallet top sheets can be used in conjunction with pallet stretch film to surround the shipment entirely.

Peace of Mind

In addition, wrapped pallets are less exposed to theft, providing extra peace of mind for you, and additional protection for the cargo. Stretch film is non-destructive too – although it clings tightly to the pallet, it adheres only to itself, so it won’t leave any damage behind once it’s removed from the load.

Our pallet stretch wrappers are a quick and easy way to apply stretch film to your pallets, and they’re especially effective if you’re working with large volumes.

Each of the wrappers that we have available will apply stretch film evenly and economically, to steady and protect your pallet loads with as little film waste as possible.