Heat Shrink Guns

An entire pallet can be securely wrapped in around a minute using shrink-wrap pallet covers and a pallet gas shrink gun.

Effective Stabilisation

Shrink wrap is so effective for use with pallets because it can enclose a range of products, stabilising them by binding them together as a solid unit.
As well as providing stability, shrink wrapping your pallets can improve the security and protection of your shipments. Shrink film can help to lower the risk of superficial damage, and acts as a theft deterrent – so you can relax knowing that your goods will get to their destination intact.

Reliable Protection

Centrefold shrink film and pallet covers also help to protect pallet loads, preventing contamination and adding weather resistance to keep your cargo in good condition.
For a fast, cost effective pallet-wrapping solution, look no further than our pallet shrink guns, which are ideal for manual use. They’re mobile too, so they can be used almost anywhere without the need for a dedicated wrapping area – ideal for warehouses that might be short on space.

Furthermore, each gun in the range is designed for optimum safety, with cool nozzle features that help to increase operator safety, and full working and safety literature supplied as standard.

As well as providing protection, security and stability to pallet loads, shrink film can be used for more specialist purposes, too.

Versatile Tools

Pallet shrink guns can be used with thicker shrink films, which are ideal for heavy duty industrial applications – like wrapping large equipment – while gun extensions are available for some models to allow the operator to reach higher and further and securely wrap larger objects. We have a range of accessories available too; so you can create a system to perfectly fit your environment and process.