Shrink Wrap & Stretch Film

Shrink and stretch wrap are great tools for binding and bundling things together. Each type of film can offer effective protection and security to the items it’s applied to, helping to keep them safe during storage and transit.

Stretch film is ideal for use with pallets, providing stability by bringing the load together as one unit, while shrink film is suitable for use with both pallets and small packages or individual items.

Often Confused

Often confused with one another, shrink and stretch film look similar but work differently to provide an additional layer of protection to your goods. Shrink film contracts both vertically and horizontally when exposed to heat, shrinking down to ‘fit’ to the object tightly. When stretch film is applied, tension is used to help the film cling firmly to the items it’s wrapped around. Stretch film also has the advantage of adhering only to itself – so multiple layers can be applied without it sticking to any of the contents on the pallet, with no damage caused by removing it.

Shrink Film – Easy and cost effective pallet wrapping.

Using shrink film is easy: simply wrap your items in the film and apply heat for the film to contract. Use our pallet gas shrink guns to shrink wrap pallets, or if you’re wrapping smaller items in high volumes, take a look at our semi-automatic shrink systems. Similarly, stretch film can be applied quickly and easily to your pallets with our choice of stretch film pallet wrappers. With mobile or turntable machines to choose from, each wrapper helps to reduce operator fatigue, and applies the film as economically as possible – helping you to get the most from a roll.

Stretch Wrap – Simple stabilisation and protection.

Wrapping your pallets or goods can help to keep them stable, secure and protected from superficial damage and theft, giving you increased peace of mind that they should remain intact throughout both storage and transit.