Air Cushion Void Fill

  • Produce the light-weight void fill you need on demand
  • Reduce your storage requirements
  • Cost-effective, efficient and clean

Avoid the storage and transport costs associated with traditional void fill and bubble film by producing your own product protection on demand.

With air cushion machines you can produce the void fill that you need, exactly when you need it. The rolls of film are easy to store, and take up a fraction of the storage space of traditional fillers. Each machine has its own integral air source too, so no additional equipment is required.

Air cushion systems are easy to operate, with simple controls. Each roll of film is perforated between pillows so that they are easy to separate for quick void filling. Inflated pillows are also easier and cleaner for customers to dispose of as opposed to alternatives like polystyrene.

When inflated, the pillows are over 90% air which makes them incredibly light. Using air cushions to protect your products should help to keep your shipping costs to a minimum, as they won’t add unnecessary weight.

The AM-321mini air cushion void fill machine has a high operating speed to aid your productivity, and is compact enough to fit into most work spaces. It’s ideal for larger, industrial businesses. Easy to use and maintain, this robust machine operates quickly and quietly.

Our range of air cushions is composed of very thin plastic, while still retaining strength and durability. When the cushions are disposed of, they are reduced to less than 1% of their original volume when deflated, and they’re fully recyclable too.

Easy to use and handle, air cushions won’t cause paper cuts or dryness to the hands like other void fill systems.