Why use product protection or void fill?

Void fill and product protection are vitally important parts of the packaging process, but these materials can sometimes be bulky, expensive, and difficult to store.

Packer’s on-demand options can help you to reduce both the costs and storage requirements that traditional void fill systems can impose. Lower your inventory and save warehouse space by producing your own void fill right at the packaging line.

If you have a lot of waste cardboard taking up room in your premises, convert it into effective void fill using a carton shredder.

These dual action machines trim and simultaneously convert waste cardboard into flexible matting for wrapping or void fill, providing your goods with excellent product protection against damage during handling and transit. They can help to save you money normally spent on cardboard disposal, and on ordering in expensive void fill.

Alternatively, you could choose an air cushion machine that produces lightweight void fill in the quantities that you need, on demand. The film is inflated on site, cutting down on storage and transport costs. Not only are the machines easy to use, but so is the film – each roll is perforated between pillows so that they are easy to separate for quick void filling.

Whether it’s flexible matting or inflated cushions, both types of void fill will protect your goods against damage throughout handling and shipping. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your goods will arrive at their destination intact, and that your customers will be happy with the condition of their purchases.