Packer partners with Arrow XL

Arrow XL is the UK’s leading two-person home delivery expert.

Last year, the company approached Packer to help it find the right equipment to assist its crews when transporting heavy objects.

We suggested the Shoulder Dolly as a solution.

The Shoulder Dolly lifting strap is ideal for two people moving heavy and awkward loads. The sturdy harness fits comfortably over shoulders and uses natural leverage to make the load seem lighter.

Ergonomically designed to promote proper lifting techniques, the Shoulder Dolly encourages the use of legs for lifting, leaving hands and arms unconstrained. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and back strain.

Arrow XL promptly commenced a trial of the Shoulder Dolly among a number of its two-person crews.

According to data recorded during the trial:

  1. 100% of those who tried it said they would recommend it to other crews.
  2. The whole trial group said that the Shoulder Dolly made lifting easier, with 92% agreeing that the strap itself was easy to use.
  3. 85% of the trial group rated it good or better (over half said it was excellent).
  4. No one in the original trial group thought that the Shoulder Dolly could be improved. In any way.

The trial was such a success that the Shoulder Dolly has now been rolled out to 300 crews, and all two-person crews across Arrow XL are equipped with one.

With a carrying capacity of up to 360kg, Shoulder Dolly lifting straps are strong, durable, and fully adjustable to the load being carried.

For more information on the Shoulder Dolly, or to see how we could help your business, call Packer now on 01268 885885.