Super Magnet Sealers

  • Increased productivity without increased labour costs
  • Consistently even seal quality
  • Secure, well presented packaging
  • Choice of four seal widths

SMS heavy duty heat sealers will allow you to seal higher volumes quickly, easily and securely in less time than it takes to seal a bag manually.

High Volume Output

These semi-automatic machines can seal high volumes of bags and plastic packaging much more quickly than other, more manual sealing processes. The increased speed of seal offered by the SMS sealers could improve your output in a simple, cost-effective way without pushing up your labour costs.

Each sealer in the range is equipped with a magnetic release sealer unit, with dual timers for heating and cooling, and a controlled magnet release for consistent, high-quality sealing.

Increased Control

This control unit ensures that a precise seal is delivered in every instance, giving your packaging a high-end appearance and reducing the risk of mistakes and rejected bags. This, in turn, should help to cut down on any waste, helping you to be economical with your materials.

These components, along with the magnet release, ensure that the sealer’s consumable parts are optimised for long life. The SMS ensures controlled sealing, which means that the element cools down fully before sealing can be performed again. This avoids the common problem of the elements and ptfe tapes failing, as can happen with other sealers.

With four sealing widths to choose from, each model produces a robust 4mm thick seal to help protect your products and keep them secure. Plus, all models come fitted with an integral, spring-loaded safety cutter for optimal safety when trimming and finishing your bags.

Plus, these sealers could help to cut down on your costs. There’s no need to buy and stock lots of different sizes of ready-made bags, as SMS sealers with cutters enable the user to produce their own custom size bags, as and when they’re needed, with just a roll of lay flat tubing.

Powerful & Reliable

SMS heat sealers can seal a range of materials including polythene, polypropylene, PVC and foil cellophane, to a thickness of over 2 x 1000 gauge.  Powerful and reliable, these sealers are ideal for even heavy-duty industrial applications.

Build Your System

We also stock a range of optional accessories which you can use to custom-build a system that perfectly suits your requirements. With equipment available to help you increase throughput and improve film handling, you can create an efficient, highly-effective production unit that could transform your packing line.