Are companies doing enough to improve e-commerce packaging?

Almost half of UK businesses aren’t planning to adapt their packaging to deal with an increase in e-commerce deliveries, according to recent research.

49.7% of the firms surveyed by packaging company WePack said they had no plans in place to improve their e-commerce packs to help them cope with the added wear and tear that may be caused by the delivery process.

Global e-commerce sales are expected to exceed £2 trillion in 2018, and skyrocket to almost £3.5 trillion by 2021.

With an estimated 95% of the UK public buying items online, have the durability and protective properties of packaging become more important than ever?

The market is growing at such a rate, it’s crucial to make a good first impression with your customers. The way a product is packaged, and the condition in which it arrives, can have a huge influence on what your customer thinks about your company.

A separate study from Citizens Advice found that more than one in ten people who ordered products online received damaged goods.

Nine out of ten shoppers reportedly search out online reviews before they buy; making it easy to see how damaged goods can lead to a string of negative reviews, and ultimately, affect sales.

WePack also points out that the job of packaging is no longer over once a product leaves the store – retailers are legally responsible for the product until it reaches its destination.

Changing your packaging could result in happier customers.

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