10 Reasons to… Use Hot Melt Glue

hot melt glue

Hot melt glue is a solid formulation made up of thermoplastic polymers. Solid at room temperature, it is activated by heating and becomes a liquid. It is composed of three main elements:

Resins- this provides adhesion properties

Polymers- the polymers join to provide strength and flexibility

Plasticiser- controls the viscosity

Once the heated hot melt adhesive cools and re-solidifies it creates strong, durable bonds to the surface.

10 Reasons to Use Hot Melt Glue:

Minimal waste

With this product there is minimal waste left after application. There is the option of the stick or slug hot melt’s dependant on how much you require to use in the session.

Curing and Drying

The adhesive is quick setting and enables jobs to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, you can use MPS glues that are multipurpose with a longer set time that gives the opportunity to adjust bond positioning before setting.

Environmentally responsible

As hotmelt glues are solvent free it has little to no environmental effects. Ventilation is not needed when applying and it is flame resistant. It also has no volatile organic compounds.


There are additives that can be added to the glue that change its colour. Meaning that all products can be sealed together with a pristine finish.

Long lasting

Hot melt adhesives have an excellent moisture resistance and do not need to be refrigerated, as such they remain firmly bonded for an extensive period.


As the adhesive is purely liquid it allows for precise and easy applications,even to more obscure surfaces. The nozzles on the guns also aid in ensuring that this application is neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Durable bonds

The bonds are composed of thermoplastic polymers, resins (that provide adhesion properties) and wax which thins the adhesive and is used to speed up the set time. Hot melts also contain anti-oxidants that help to preserve the adhesive at high temperatures and prevent the glue from degrading while being applied.


As the product is initially solid it maximises upon storage space. The glue guns themselves are also compact in design and as such would take up minimal space in a workplace.


Hot melt adhesives are relatively low cost, alongside the product efficiency, it is a must have for businesses.


Hot melt adhesives can be used with a range of different surfaces including ceramics, woods, metals, papers, plastics and rubber.

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